January 06, 2006

Lunch Hour

So...It's my "lunch hour" but I'm at my desk, because the conference room is being used and there is no where else to sit in the office. I am fairly proud of myself, I've eaten in all this week. I'm usually out spending money on lunch at least once a week. However, I do have plans to go to Otter's on Monday and use a coupon with Rachel. That's probably what has helped me get through this week.

I got the Vidal/Baker wedding pics online, if you'd like a link to see them feel free to e-mail me.

I went and saw Memoirs of a Geshia. I loved the cinamentography and it truly is a good story. I have to say, as is typical, that I liked the book better. I knew going into it that it was going to be difficult to display all the detail that was in the book...But for the most part it was fairly accurate. For the record...A Geshia isn't like a typical prostitute. In Japan, during that time period, they were very distinct. Geshia's only "give themselves" to their danna, who is typically a life-long danna. They are more known for the art of dancing, conversation and teas. But yes, they get paid to show up to these events.

There is a line that says "We do not choose to be Geisha, we are Geisha because we have nothing else..." The emptiness of that statement haunts me. To not have hope...It's not a problem uncommon. We shut our eyes to it on a daily basis.


Nikki said...

Memoirs is actually next on my "to read" list. after I finish Catch-22, which I do not like. at all.
baker wedding? who baker? I'm just curious...

Heather said...

Yeah...Baker was the one in MI that I took pictures for. It's his last name. :)