February 28, 2006

grace n it's various forms.

This phrase out of I Peter caught my attention. If I didn't already have this blog, I'd probably open one called "Grace in various forms"

I've been thinking about this phrase for a while now...ok, two days...but that's a while for me. Or should I say that's a while for my thoughts to be focused on one thought instead of the 20 circling in my head?

I was trying to remember all the times I hear the word grace:
Amazing grace....
Grace flows down and covers me.
Grace...it's the name of a girl. It's a thought that changed the world...
My grace is sufficient for you
Grace--getting something you don't deserve
Hail Mary full of grace
Grace under fire
She's so graceful

I've never really thought about the various forms/shapes/people/acts grace come in. And I don't know how often I faithfully administer said grace.

I'd go on about this..but all of the sudden I've hit a wall and my head wants my bed.
be on the lookout for "grace...part ii"


jillymae said...

simmering is good. keep on keepin on.

Robin said...

Grace is my middle name! Really, it is.

Small Group Guy said...

Grace is a wonderful thing. By grace through faith you are saved and so on.

Keep simmering, but just a thought. Today as Christians we largely have cheapened the concept of grace. Cheap grace means we can sin on Monday, confess it on Tuesday and do it again on Wednesday. We justify it because we are "saved by grace".

I am not trying to take this deeper then you want it to go, but I am interested in some thoughts on this.