February 18, 2006

Movie Morning

It's been an amazing morning.

I orginally woke up to help a friend move, but she called and said she didn't need my help so I should enjoy my Saturday. I went back to bed...or at least tried. By this time my brain was in high gear and I couldn't stop thinking so I just got up.

It had snowed, and was beginning to snow again. I needed coffee. So I walked to the store. It was cold, damp and peaceful. I love how a blanket of white slows everything down and makes you take notice of the hush that follows.

Upon returning home, I put in Jack Johnson, made the coffee, snuggled up under the afghan I finally finished and watch the snow continue to fall outside my window. Jack is a great soundtrack for this morning....mellow and strong. This were I am currently. Sitting, drinking in the peacefulness, thankful to be single and not have children running everywhere. Thankful that because of Christ I can approach the throne of grace with confidence and thankful for the individual blessings that continue to be brought to my attention.

The trees are dancing with the wind, a bird sits on the ledge shielding itself from the cold and I get to see it all. Thank you Abba.


Anonymous said...

H, that's a great post! Very picturesque and with great words of imagery.

Small Group Guy said...

Ahh, getting to observe God in all his glory, nothing wrong with that on a quiet morning.

You say you are thankful that children are not running around making it the antithisis of peace, but one day when you have children you will see the hand of God not only in creation, but in his children. The peace that comes from there is a different kind of peace.

May you have many more peaceful and serene moments like that which you describe, and may your time in communion with the father grow sweeter and more passionate every day.

Heather said...

thanks for the reminder that pop tarts with children can be just as peaceful as watching it snow.

jillymae said...

like the new picture =)

amber lynn said...

Heather! Hey! check out my site again.. it's for you... Love, Amber Lynn ~Keep in tune with Abba thanks for the wonderful, insight to your time with HIM. just chillin at home :)

jillymae said...

and who is Jack Johnson?

maria said...

The Lord brought you to mind today, so I prayed for you. Love ya!