March 23, 2006

Funeral Song I'm slowly becoming ok with the fact that I'm not completely normal.
I'd love this song played at my funeral. It was a long line of thinking this morning...but then this song came on and I love the last couple of lines "Son, welcome home. The war is over." What a glorious, unimaginable day that will be!! I mean, "welcome home" is huge in and of itself. But "the war is over" A-mazing...

It haunts me so
This gloomy weight
That comes and goes
Without a trace
A thousand times my flesh embrace
A thousand more but if for grace

To see the Lord, the promise land
Where in sins pearly gates look bland
And what was once a pearl now sand
That blows away in light of Him

When battle lines become unclear
And the waging war is all I hear
Lord sustain me with Your voice
And the choice to walk in truth

And by the Spirit
That I might see this day
This waging war might go away
And be no more
That I might see His face
And hear Him say
Son, welcome home
The war is over
(shane and shane--clean)

Come quickly Lord...come quickly


Heather said...

adendem (sp?) to post...
not sucidical (sp?)...just excited about when I get to go home...

btw..have I ever mentioned the fact that I'm a horrible speller?

jillymae said...

rofl, woman. it's suicidal, just so ya know ;)

and those of us that really know you, know you're not suicidal.

Heather said...

right...i know those who know me well...however, it was for the benefit of the strangers...and my parents. :)

Small Group Guy said...

I appreciate the clarification. I do not know you all that well, but I know that you are a pretty cool headed cat.. one I look forward to knowing more.

You are a thinker, and a "advocating director" (LOL) and that is cool.

Mary said...

these comments rock! lol... heather- i miss you... a preview of the year to come? to those reading this- that comment has nothing to do with her post...

Anonymous said...

cool words, what does the song sound like.
it's okay, i'm OBSESSED w/Helena music video by My Chemical Romance (it's a funeral).

luvs ya!

Robin said...

Awesomeness. Powerful.