March 25, 2006

Days at home

So I haven't been feeling the greatest...I'll save you the details, but I did come home from work early on Friday. Let me tell you about "food-stamp cable" and Friday afternoons. It's not that exciting.

However, I did watch Mad about You. I LOVE this show. Paul Reisser and Helen Hunt are so funny to me. I laughed most of the 30 minutes they were on.

Mad about you and Jill's goodie basket were the highlight of my day.
Coming in a close 2nd was The Cosby Show. Man...I miss good sitcoms.


jillymae said...

yay for Cinnamon Crunch bagels and the hot surfer/roller blader turned ice skater!

jillymae said...

can i just say, "SOOOOOOO HOTT! Want to touch da hiney!!!"

(and can you name THAT movie?)

Anonymous said...

hope u feel better soon, hector!