March 29, 2006

Hotel Rwanda

I just got done watching this movie. I went through the gamete of emotions one should go through when watching innocent people die at the hands of their own countrymen while the "super powers" of the world only worry about their own people instead of helping....worried about the politics behind it....blah blah.

I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry we didn't treat you as if you were worth something. I am sorry you were treated as if you were not created in the image of God and that your family wasn't as important as ours. We traded the truth for a lie and justified it. For this...there is no excuse.


jillymae said...

tell it, sister.

Anonymous said...

Wow! not too many words to say about that post...but I agree with you!

Cool about the pic of my shoes! How fun!! Can I get in on the loot if you win?? Hee Hee. Some people have commented that you took a few pics of my wedding shoes, and now we may know why it was so important. :)

Does Mary have a xanga?

always great to hear from YOU! I love you, Heather... ttyl Amber

Robin said...

Yes, yes...agreed...This is a great film, and Don is great in it.

Heather said...

yes...don is amazing...especially in the scene where he loses it.