October 12, 2006


I have arrived at work early this morning to notarize a document for a client. She has come and gone. Now I sit in the stillness eating my banana nut muffie, drinking coffee and listening to my computer hum while my fingers type.

The sunrise was beautiful this morning, all yellows divided by one long row of clouds. It's "cold" outside. I'm wearing a sweater and still get cold if the wind blows, however not so cold that I can see my breath.

It's fall.

I love autumn. It reminds me that death is beautiful. In the fall, it is a little easier to die to myself, although I am having issues with that this week. I haven't taken time to remember who God has been and thus I forget why He is worthy of my trust.

Thus begins October 12, 2006. He has given me today to live life. I pray in some small way I can reflect His glory.

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