October 14, 2006


So...I was out of town for my birthday, therefore, my friends threw me a party last night.

After everyone arrived I got to sit in the center of the circle while everyone said what they liked about me. For this words-of-affirmation girl, it was brillant! :) Then we went to the corn maze and back to the place for dessert and such.

I had been feeling very alone. My heart feels it, my head knows its a lie. So it was so amazing to have those I love spend the evening with me. My cup has been re-filled to overflowing.

For those of you who were there...I thank you. You could have spent your time a lot of other ways. Thanks for the love. It was loud.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sunshine,
Glad to read that all turned out fine. :)
Love ya!

Small Group Guy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My soul finds favor and grace in your words of encouragement.

I am glad to hear that your birthday went so well.

Talk to you soon.

Ashley Lovell said...

happy birhtday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear heather. happy birthday to you. (africans chime) god bless you today. god bless you today. god bless you and keep you. happy birthday to you.

Katy K said...

I'm glad you had a late party! It was fun, even if I was only there for the last part.

la la la la love out loud. :-p

Anonymous said...

We don't get to celebrate you enough! I'm so glad you enjoyed your evening. :-)


jillymae said...

more nights like that should be shared :) it was awesome!