February 05, 2007


Ok..I'm a big dork and watch CSI: Miami. Mainly because I like to watch bad acting and, more importantly, Adam Rodriquez. WHOM....they just killed off. (ok, we're not completely sure...but 99.8% sure)
WHY, WHY, WHY would they get rid of that face? geez...
Maybe he was just tired of the bad acting. I don't know...but he will definitely be missed.


Anonymous said...

"Okay," (taking off my sunglasses and not looking directly at you, but rather at some far off place) "Tell you what we're gonna do..."

Sorry that Adam is leaving. But at least we still have "I-don't-do-eye-contact" Horatio. LOL


Anonymous said...

i'm not ready to boycott csi:miami again. (they killed off my favorite character-rory cochran).
i'm bitterly upset w/them!