February 01, 2007

Random thoughts...again

My mom called the other moring to tell me my sister is getting married....again.
This lead to a discussion about the next woman who is moving in with her. She grew up in my hometown but would never tell anyone. Something happened there to hurt her and she's coming back (20ish years later) to deal with it. It may have taken some time....but I'm proud of her. I'm also thankful that God has healed my heart of all the shame that could be there.

My brother is leaving to work with the homeless in Flint! I'm am SO excited for him and what God is going to do this next year for him. WAY excited.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a "spiritual retreat". I'm excited yet nervous. It'll be good to get away. If you think of me...pray.

Thanks yo!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He got in at the shelter?!?!?!!!

That is completely awesome! I am so glad. You guys have been weighing heavily on my heart lately.