March 26, 2007

for the record

and to clear up any misguidedness from my last entry....
I am ok w/ the fact that I cry. It's endearing...I know. :)

and i just killed a bug.

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Bowling Pin said...

okay, so, wednesday was one of the craziest days of my life. the evanescence concert was incredible. i had the best time. well, on the way home from said concert, i got news of a fatal car accident on I-65 which a senior at BHS was involved in. i called my friend who had texted me and found out that it was a friend of mine. im not doing so great right now, but ill be okay. thats what that post was about. ill be going to her funeral/visitation once i hear when it is. if you and whoever else wants to could pray for her family, friends, and anyone who knew her at our school. today was a bad day, and tomorrows lookin' like its not gonna be much better.