December 08, 2007

17 more days

until Christmas...are you busy yet?
I went on vacation for Thanksgiving this year. I look at it as a perk of being single and your family wanting you home longer at Christmas since you can only make one holiday or the other. But I digress. I've been crazy busy since getting back and most of my days up until I leave to see the family...and even then...well Happy Holidays everyone! It's a sad commentary, but I am more at ease this season....there is just something about seeking intentional time with God that eases a spirit. I'm thankful for my mornings.
So...there are some of pics from the Thanksgiving was fantastic, and maybe that bit of rest has something to do with the easiness of this season? I'm not sure. I AM sure of the fact that I CANNOT WAIT to see my 3 best friends from high school!!! We desperately need each other this year.


~ Becca ~ said...

17 days.. yikes.

Your vacation pics look like you had so much fun :) And it looks WAY too warm for this time of year.

I enjoy reading your blog... and think it's so great that you keep in touch w/ friends from college & high school still :)

Crazyladypantyhose! said...

I can't wait to see three of my bff's from hs either!!! Aaaaaaa!

Also, great photos.

Anonymous said...

What Crazylady said!!!

OH and wow on the swing through the air/jungle whatever it is called? That looks like it was freakin AWSOME!