December 18, 2007

All Caught Up

It's that time of year. The time were people in the office set goals, slow down their meeting schedule, have planning meetings and the like. It means I finally get to get caught up. It's very exciting. The filing is all done, the letters are typed, and phone calls have been made. Clients aren't really worrying about much other than family, especially when Christmas is seven days away.

It's an odd place to be really. I struggle all year to get to this point and now that I am...its not the usual everyday. I've been learning that the hardest part of living in the freedom that we're given is the everyday--the ordinary days where nothing tragic or exceptionally good happens. The days you work your 8-5, go home, do laundry or whatever it is you do in the evening, go to bed and get up to start all over again. It's in the routine of life where freedom can be lost.

So on this non-ordinary day at the office, I stop and wonder if I have been living in freedom or in spite of it.

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