September 04, 2008

Birthday-Palooza and Randomness

It's September again. This is hard to believe, it seems like just yesterday I was in the middle of tax season praying it'd be over soon. With September comes Birthday-Palooza. There are a handful of days in September that I do not know someone who has a birthday and some days are doubled, even tripled up with the opportunity to celebrate the life of my family and friends.

For example it's the 4th of September and this evening I'll be attending my 2nd birthday party so far this month. Growing up, my mom's side of the family would have a "September Birthday" party. We'd gather one night, instead of 8 different ones, to celebrate. This needs to be instituted in my adult life. And sometimes it is. My friends Rachel, Lisa and I are going out to celebrate our respective birthday's together.

I love September. It used to be because that is when autumn started; however this is not true in the south. It has now become a very reflective, yet hectic, month. The reflectiveness may have started in college with the new school year, etc.'s to September. Happy Birthday Everyone!

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April May said...

Hippy early Bathday, girlie!

I have often wondered why so many people are born in September. I guess lots of couples really get swept up in the Christmas spirit! :)