September 10, 2008


In the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie, Gandalf and Pipen are awaiting a battle. (which one I cannot specifically remember.) They are on the balcony looking towards Mount Doom and Gandalf says "it's the like the deep breath before the plunge."

I have always loved this line. It is suitable for so many situations! Again I find myself in a position where I am on cusp of being moved. My spirit is anxious and ready for whatever is next. My mind is slightly freaking out and my emotions have many unsteady moments.

I find myself wondering how long the deep breath is. How long until the plunge? How long until the battle begins and the next chapter is started?

In the last three years I consistently hear God whisper "dream big, baby girl...dream big." I wonder if this, this next whatever, is what I've been told to dream big for. As I continue to find my identity through the voice of my creator, I continue to be anxious to be me..24/7. I am my spirit is ready to constantly use "new" gifts and talents, instead of just outside of work.

Yet, in seemingly a contradictory fashion, I also hear "enjoy this while it lasts". "It isn't going to always be this small and this simple." I think He says this so my mind can ease into the "next whatever".

I have never really felt the dicotamy of spirit and mind before, or at least this intense. I will be excited when they align themselves again. Until then I will enjoy where I am and be faithful to what I have in front of me today.


April said...

For a blog, you are very vague. You need more detail. Open yourself up more and let loose; its all worth it.

Anonymous said...

I understand. I like how you worded things. Just sayin.......