September 22, 2008

It's Offical, I am 30...

“I think I’ll take a moment, to celebrate my age. The ending of an era and the turning of a page…” Having just turned 30, I thought I’d see if I have done 30 exciting things in my life. (And yes, I’m going to try and make my life sound as glamorous as a girl from Mayville can)

Rode the MRT around Singapore
Tried out to be on Wheel of Fortune
Been to the top of the John Hancock building
Finished a ½ marathon
Rode horses in the ocean off the coast of South Africa
Have seen the Cape of Good Hope
I’ve stood in Nelson Mandela’s old cell
I’ve been ziplining through the Belize rain forest
I’ve gotten drenched in Cozumel, Mexico
Played with monkey’s in Honduras
Visited a straw market in the Bahamas
Seen over 1,000 students come to know Christ in Guatemala
Been privileged to watch four young woman walk/work through high school
Sang the National Anthem at a Spurs game
Sang the National Anthem while pulling away from the Pearl Harbor Memorial
I have eaten from a Ukrainian McDonalds (where the food actually looks like the picture)
Volunteered in homeless shelters in Chicago, Grand Rapids, and Nashville
Graduated High School
Graduated College
I’ve seen 4th of July fireworks with the Washington Monument as the background
I’ve been in airports in Tokyo and Amsterdam
I’ve been to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Received an “honorable mention” in a national photography contest
Taken many “senior pictures”
Have had 18 different roommates since the fall of 1996
Visited Vineyards in MI and TN
I’ve worked for First Priority
I do not have just “one” best friend…I think I have 8 or so.
Been a camp counselor
Lead the song worship for a coffee house ministry, and now teach there

There are many other hopes/dreams for the future, and so many more things I could have actually listed here. I am thankful for these and the opportunities to come. The next 30 years should prove just as rewarding as the last have been…


April said...

wow-suddenly my life sounds really hum drum.

Anonymous said...

wow - you HAVE had an amazing 30 years!! well - here's to the next 30...


Heather said...

really...i made just made it sound as exciting as i could...:) and 1/2 of it wasn't possible w/o the commins'

Anonymous said...

If you are in doubt --- The Favor of the Lord is upon you.

It's great that you realize how truly blessed you are!

I love you

Anonymous said...

Girl, see you have lived an fantabulous life! Alot of those things are far more than I have done, or may perhaps ever will do!

You truly are blessed. I hope that little exercise helped you to see that.

April May said...

Great post. It makes ME want to make a list. Wait, but I'm not 30...yet. Agh! It's coming upon me! forgot "learned to crochet really sweet blankets."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday "-)!

You rocked the first 30 years!

You know what is cool, you aren't all "I should have done this, or I wish I'd done that". Instead it is here's what "I DID!" ROCK ON! You really are "His hands, and feet". I'm so proud of you!



Heather said...

thanks y'all.
your comments are precious!