January 26, 2009


They've been my comfort as of late, so I thought I'd share a few lines from the playlist in my head. Do you know what song they are?? :)

"Teach me how to cling to you, with all my life and all my love. Father come to me, hold me up, cause I can barely stand. My strength is gone and my breath is short, I can't reach out my hands...."

"No guilt in life, no fear in death! This is the pow'r of Christ in me..."

"I am in the sun. I am in the shade. I am in the light that love has made. I in the cold. I am in the warm. I am in the center of your storm. I am in the fire I am in the flood I am in the marrow and the blood..."

"I need a piece of mind, I need a piece of You, to cover all that is gone and everything that's new."

"Walking with You in not without hazards and tripping's this traveler's curse....truth mixed with my imperfection...what should I say to them? What if I'm failing them?... lately I'm wondering if you are mistaken.. Do you speak through the unbroken?... Should I tell them that I am an example of all you can do with a life?"

"I wanna to live like there's no tomorrow, I wanna dance like no ones around. I wanna sing like no one's listening, before I lay my body down. I wanna give like I have plenty. I wanna love like I'm not afraid. I wanna be the (wo)man I was meant to be...

"I delight myself in the richest offer. Trading all that I have, for all that is better. A garment of praise for my heaviness. You are the greatest taste...you're the riches of faith..."

The list could go on and on. It was a good weekend. :)

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