January 28, 2009

Superbowl 2009

While working out yesterday (yes, I've started doing that again) I was watching a little from each of the four tv's that are at the front of the gym. You know, the ones that are supposed to keep your mind off the fact that your sweating like a man. Anyway...

I was reading/watching an interview with Kurt Warner, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. Apparently he's had a rocky career, one plagued with injuries and some bouts of sitting the bench. I believe they were debating whether or not he was "Hall of Fame" material. As they interviewed him he said something along the lines of this:

"I've always wanted to play my best. I want anyone who has ever played with me to be able to say "I was a better player and person because I worked along side of Kurt Warner." That's all."

If you delve more into Kurt's story, you know that he attributes any success that he has ever had to God and the grace that God has bestowed upon him to preserver through whatever adversity was thrown his way.

It made me think, is that what I want? Is that true of me? Can people say "I am a better person, just from being around Heather"? Do I want it to be? That's a high standard to hold yourself to, isn't it?

As I think and wrestle with that question, I will also be routing for the Cardinals!


Anonymous said...

OK first, I am better for having you in my life.

Second... dh is torn about who to pull for since he likes K.W.

But come on man it's the Stealers! (Dad's been a fan for as long as I can recall)


Heather said...

yeah...I know! I'm a fan of the Steelers because of your dad! (really, typically anyone playing the steelers and I root for the steelers) but yeah...I've decided to go w/ the cardinals; for KW and the underdog situation. :)

April May said...

Here, here! I'm better for having known you, too!