May 07, 2009


In II Samuel 7 and I Chronicles 17 is the Davidic Covenant. These two chapters are almost word for word identical (I love that!) In this passage, the Lord gave the prophet Nathan a vision about building the temple and establishing David's Kingdom forever. David's response is worship--and awe. I Chronicles 17:23--"And now Lord, let the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house be established forever. Do as you have promised"

David accepted it. It makes me wonder--have there been promises God has made me that I haven't accepted?

I mean, that's a pretty big deal--God establishing David's Kingdom forever. David won't live forever, he only lives for a small part of forever, but still he says "Do as you have promised"

Do we say this? Do we trust Him enough to carry out His promises throughout eternity? Do we really believe about generational curses/blessings? Where is our faith? Where is my faith?

What He says--He does. Accept it.

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