June 19, 2009

Security in Knowing...

I’m typically a feelings girl. My feelings tend to lead me in every day decisions. I feel like coffee instead of a latte. I feel like singing really loud and off key today. I feel the peace of God, or lack thereof.

There are many different levels to feelings. Some feelings are deep and some are shallow. In my relationship with Christ, there are some fundamental truths that you feel on a consistent basis. There are others you do not. In Christianese we call this “head knowledge and heart knowledge.”

Some days you just know, you do not feel and you hold on to the knowing until it becomes feeling again. Shane and Shane have the lyric “I know if You change my mind You will change my heart in time.”

As I sat at my desk today, stuffing envelopes, I became aware that although my feelings have been off lately, there is security in the knowing. He hasn’t changed. He won’t change. My Redeemer is still for me.

My heart will change in time.


April May said...

Well said. I am a feeling person too, even though I'm not what you'd call an emotional person.

Props for relying on both head and heart knowledge. Many believers just rely on one and miss the point.

Anonymous said...

I know my Redeemer Lives!
I know my Saviour loves me!
I know I don't alway feel it!