June 10, 2009

It's been a day...

It started well and its ending well, but I have definitely been on a roller coaster today. In the midst of my travels around town, I heard Sara Groves' song"Hello Lord". I have heard it many many times before--but the line

"I don't doubt Your sovereignty I doubt my own ability to listen and to do the right thing and I desperately want to do the right thing..."

I desperately want to do the right thing. For me for now, the right thing is paying attention to me--which I do not do well. Don't get me wrong, I am already hoping that the two weeks in Italy feel like two months. I do not think its a coincidence that I cannot even fathom what will happen upon my return. Most of my 2009 has been anticipating and participating in a major event so after this trip I can't seem to stop asking myself--what's next? Resting? for real? Am I hearing right? And how in the world do I do it??

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