June 01, 2009

22 days...

I leave in 22 days! HIP HIP!
The season of rest has come upon me and I am horrible at resting. It's so easy to fill my time with good things, and I pray for discernment between what is best and what is just good. I need to write more this summer. I need to take care of myself and take time for me. I am not good at taking care of me. It is so much easier to take care of others than myself. However, its a catch 22 since taking care of others can only be done well when I am taking care of me. *sigh*
Life's all about balance I suppose.
Here's to learning what that looks like!

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Anonymous said...

I can completely relate to the need to take time for yourself. I have not been able to do that w/work a husband, house shopping and a sick mom time for me always comes last. Prayin for u God uses this time in your life for great things in the near future.