July 28, 2009

When God Answers...

As I have recently joined the growing list of the unemployed in our country, I have spent a small amount of time re-reading my journal from 2009. Here's an excerpt from May 5th
"...Lord, when are you going to pick me up and throw me into some other job? Right now all I want to do is hole myself up in my apt and read and write..."

Well, God has answered. Everything that is in me wants to find a new job asap. To put my resume in the hands of as many people as soon as possible. Yet, as I pray about where to begin He has asked me to "receive and relax". He has asked that I not be proactive in the search, but to take the time to read and write and wait and trust.

The adventure continues.


April May said...

Looking forward to what comes next!

KK said...

Didn't realize this had happened...hang in there...God's got it! :) Love you, sweet friend!