August 17, 2009

Unemployment Looks Good on Me?

What exactly have I been up to since I was let go from Southwestern Investment Services? Well, the first week I visited friends and then went to MI. It was grand!

I've been able to help a friend whose mother-in-law passed away. I'll be able to help take care of another friend who recently had back surgery and is going to need someone to make lunch and help him get up and down and around during the day.

I had a dog sitting job last weekend and begin again at another place on Friday. I went to a Neil. T. Anderson conference, and this weekend I'm going to hear Joyce Meyer and next weekend Beth Moore.

I've been learning to focus on today--not what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow.

I've been blessed with friends who take me out for meals or bring them to me. I had lunch with my "high schoolers" who are now all in college. We talked about life and how we all have to put on our "big girl pants" and be adults.

I've gotten my first unemployment check and the food stamps should arrive sometime this week.

I've had a lot of time to be in the Word and write some devos, pray, and read some of the books on my every growing list.

In some of the conversations I've had, people refer to this as a "dark" time and/or the "wilderness". Honestly, if they had not of used those terms, I do not know that I would have ever thought of them. The peace that I am unable to understand is guarding my heart and my mind. I can honestly say I am grateful for this time. I have my moments of stir-craziness, but for the most part--I'm quite happy.

Maybe unemployment does look good on me...

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