September 20, 2009

30 was Full

Well, in one hour it will officially be my birthday. I thought I'd reflect a little on how 30 went. As I was gearing up to turn 30, my older and wiser friends kept telling me that your 30's are so much better than your 20's so here is review.

*Parasailing in Tampa
*First Annual Fall Fest O' Rama
*New Years Eve Benefit
*Survived Tax Season
*lost a pant size
*Planed/spoke at first annual BNL Retreat
*Stopped teaching Awaken
*Went to Italy
*Began writing first book
*Lost my job
*Learning to wait

It's been a full year. I'm definitely much different now than I was last year. Its an odd feeling--maturing, --not just getting older--but seeing yourself make different choices, take new risks, understand yourself a little deeper, I have to say it's definitely better than my 20s.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! :-)


April May said...

JEss, you were up at 5:44 AM to post that??? Tell me you were being a night owl and not getting UP that early... :)

Happy Birthday, Heather!

jillymae said...

from what I've seen, 30's do indeed get better...better as in deeper, not easier :)

Anonymous said...

That is strange. I don't recall being up that early? LOL. I am thinking the clock was off or something. It is 10:35 right now, wonder what time the post will say?


Anonymous said...

Oh see, there ya go. The clock is off.

I knew I wouldn't be up that early! ;-) LOL.

Now the question is the time off? Is it me? Or the blog site? hmmmmmmm

ps. How was your bday Heather? Awesome I hope!!!