December 03, 2009


Ok. I admit it. I like presents. I like giving them and I like receiving them. I do not like it so much because its "stuff" but because it means that someone had thought about me, remembered me, and cares about me. If you are familiar at all with the "love languages" I believe the language of "gifts" is running a close second next to my main language of "words" and such.

This joy of giving and receiving clashes largely with my loathe of the craziness that Christmas has become. I often feel guilty for wanting presents at this time of year. I want to fully support Advent Conspiracy and other such options. Spend less! Worship more!

How do I reconcile these two polar opposites in my life? Especially when I want to give presents as well. The only idea that has come to mind is to ask for/give from organizations that benefit others. i.e. Tom Shoes and Land of Thousand Hills coffee. Or, if I lived in Grand Rapids, MI...I'd give to people from MadCap Coffee because I know the beans there are brought from farmers them selves.

These are the only organizations/companies I'm currently aware of that give to others as well. Do you know of more??

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