February 11, 2010


In the last couple of weeks, Tennesseans have not seen much of the sun. It can make people cranky! This is understandable. Yesterday I was driving around town thinking of how bright the sun is because, when you haven't seen it in a while, it feels new and bright.

Yesterday was also a very harsh day. It was a day of difficult conversations, of mental block and mental attacks along withdrawn provision--and that's just me. I do not have time to mention my other friends who are having car trouble, work difficulties, family health issues, etc.

This morning, with a new perspective, I realized that it makes sense. There is a group of us woman gathering to help teach other woman about Surrendered Hearts, why wouldn't there be struggles? Of course Satan would want our attention focused on other things?

My daily devo in Jesus Calling today said this: "I am training you to practice Peace that overpowers darkness"

Like the sun when you haven't seen it in many days, so too, is the brightness of peace that overpowers darkness.


David and Sandy said...

Love it!

Neusa Vaz said...

Very beautiful, I loved .... sometimes when we have sun, the light of God can be warm and light the way, just look at the eyes of the heart ... hug Neusa Brazil