February 18, 2010

Its just not comfy...

One of my hopes in life is that my home is comfy, no matter how many times I move. I want people to feel welcomed and cozy. I hope they are free to be themselves and find some sort of rest for the time they are here. After all, who really likes feeling uncomfortable and awkward?

Yet its exactly where I find myself living most days. In my life I tend to live in this tension between comfortable and uncomfortable. It is a tension between dependence and independence, control and lack of control, manipulation and trust.

I want life to be comfy but a lot of times its not. It's about something more than being comfortable--It's about wanting others to see Jesus. More than seeing God grant the "wishes" of my heart, I want him to place/give me desires for my heart. More than having a trouble-free life, I want Him to receive glory.

His glory is better than my comfort.


the names matt. said...

I was posting a blog, decided to click the "next blog" button and it took me to your site.

Your post was so sincere and true, something most people coming out of college and into true adulthood of dependence vs independence takes place. the aspect of "trusting" in God is the key. your life is a beacon of love to show His mercy and grace.

It was really pleasant reading your blog and brought back some great memories :)


Jon said...

Seems strange - your blog also made me pasue - some definite foor for thought and reflection

Anonymous said...

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