May 20, 2010

The Swell Season

Last Tuesday I was able to go and see The Swell Season at the Ryman. Glen and Marketa are amazing in the movie "Once" and just as legit live if not better. Their voices seem to meld passion and purity in the most intriguing way. Indeed, it is swell. (you knew the pun was coming right?)

It got me thinking--what is a swell season? What does a season of increasing or a season of swelling actually look like? My immediate first thought is a period of time where life is fantastic. Everything is going the way you designed, your job is great, friends and family are healthy and happy. You laugh more than you are sad. Aren't all of these characteristics of blessing and increase?

Then I looked up the word swell at The first definition of the word (when used with an object) is "to cause to grow up in bulk". Really? That's what swell means?

Because its typically in the difficult, not-so-great moments of my life where I grow up. It is in the making hard choices, in the waiting verses controlling and in trying to stop myself from manipulating others that I have seen the most growth in life.

It is also these moments that allow me to laugh more. There is a richness in the not-so-great moments of life that enable to me to understand the truly awe-inspiring moments.

The Swell Season--they write about ups and downs, tragedy and joy. And I tend to agree--it's all swell.


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