June 22, 2010

Songs and Such

For the last month or so an odd phenomenon has been occurring in my brain. You see, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and have two competing thoughts vying for my minds attention. The front of my head is typically the negative thought. It's usually about something I messed up or something I should have done with my day that I did not and sometimes the self-loathing thoughts get the better of me. After all, it is the middle of the night and I was just awakened for no apparent reason.

The second competing thought, in the back of mind, is a song. Always a song. And it's a song that directly contradicts the negative. i.e. "How He loves" and "He Is Stronger" (these two seem to repeat themselves quite often in that half of my brain)

It's one thing to know there is a war being fought over my mind, it's totally different to experience this war in such a vivid way.

So tonight as I was losing my voice singing way off key at Kairos, I got to thinking about this war that goes on in my head. I realized that sometimes I cannot remember how far God has brought me. Sometimes I cannot think of truth and I do not always remember that I am created in the image of God and how much worth that gives me.

So I sing.

I use words and melodies as weapons.

He makes me victorious.


newblogreader said...

love it!

Lisa said...

Yes, you are made in His image and fearfully and wonderfully made!