June 12, 2010

Fields of Fireflies

After visiting a friend today, I decided to drive the back roads to my home. Although it was a hot and sticky day I drove with my window down. Every now and again I could smell the humidity mixed with the faint scent of rolled hay. (I was driving through farm country.) It wasn't until the later half of my drive that I noticed the fireflies.

Fireflies intrigue me. I'm not sure why, but it's true.

Maybe its because I think its fun that God would create a bug whose butt lights up. Maybe its because they were one of the easiest bugs for my seven-year-old hands to catch.

As I stood near the fence line and watched the fireflies light up the field I realized they really make the mundane field--exciting. They make the ordinary--unusual. They make taking time to watch them--meaningful.

They reminded me of the lyric I had just listened to "Holy design. This place in time. That I might seek and find my God. My God."

Fields of Fireflies make me stop and notice them. They settle my heart to a point that I am comfortable to seek and find my God.

Perhaps, that's why God created a bug whose butt lights up.


The Contemplative Mama said...

I love your post and your wonderful picture of the fireflies in the jar : )

Heather said...

Thanks! That's not my photo though. :) you can "google" it.

April said...

Yes, this one is right on, girl!