June 11, 2010

Wait? Really?

Why? Why do we not like to wait?

Why are we afraid to do nothing? Why must there be constant busy-ness?

Ever play the game “Frogger”? I may have just dated myself, but this was my favorite Atari™ game. I would have to play it at my aunt’s house because we did not own it. If you’ve never played it goes something like this.

Basically you are a frog. And as the frog, your goal is to jump through the four lanes of traffic, across the gator filled water safely onto your lilipad. Ideally you do this without being run over, falling prey to a gator or the clear-blue water they live in. To wait in the road was to die. To wait on the log above the water could prove to be dangerous; you may lose your life.

Even the Atari™ tries to tell me waiting too long is not beneficial to one’s life.

Why do we not like to wait?

We will tolerate waiting, but only for a period of time. Ever watch a crowd of concert goers? They know the doors are supposed to open at 6:00. They will wait in line to get in, but if you watch closely you can see the crowd get more and more agitated as 6:05 and 6:07 begin to appear on their watches.

Are we afraid we will miss something?

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April said...

Wow. That hit home for me as today I had to wait with a group of women outside of Macy's until they unlocked the doors. As the minutes ticked past ten, the impatience GREW.

I often worry about waiting so long that life has passed me by, because I was so focused on "waiting" that I missed life that was happening. Ya know? Don't know if I explained that right.