July 26, 2010

525,600 Minutes...

When God asked me to "relax and receive", I'm glad He did not give me a time frame. I would have flipped out had I known it be at least a year. I do not think I would have listened. I would have found my own way.

In the last 525,600 minutes I have received much. Too many things to list here. Too many friends to mention. Too many blessings in what should have been a very dark time in my life. So I'll write about one gift I received.

I found me. I got myself back. I hadn't realized how much of me had gone missing in three and half years. My soul is no longer angry 80% of the time. I breathe deeper breaths. I think I laugh more. I am calmer than before. I hope more often. I dream again. I wake up with prayers being the first thing in my mind, not dread.

I'm more grounded than before. I know my weaknesses, my limitations and am more inclined to ask for help.

Places of my heart have healed--and I'm still unaware of it. I've learned I don't have to earn, but I can just be.

Although there are days I think it should be over, more often than not, when I'm quiet. I can feel peace seep into the deep places and I remember who I am and who I serve.

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April said...

Amen girl.
Learning to lean on God, including monetarily, is quite freeing.
I am so glad for what you've learned at this time.
Yay for HP being back on the scene!! :)