August 25, 2010

Its SO Comfy!

I find myself very comfortable with life these days. It's somewhat disconcerting.

I mean, really--how often do you find every area of your life comfortable? Isn't there typically one area where you are struggling?

Of course, from the outside looking in, my life may not seem too comfy. I am in the middle of a career change, have many "wants/desires" that have yet to be met, have vague ideas about how my bills will be paid let alone save for retirement. You know, because I am getting to the age where "they" say I should be saving for such things--and "they" also would probably tell me I am behind already.

But, I'm comfy. Even better than that I love my life right now. I love the quiet mornings and the time spent in Scripture. I love meeting new people, hearing what God is doing in their lives and trying to write it down for other people to read. I enjoy brainstorming about new career opportunities, finishing books, visiting new coffee shops. I'm enjoying just being.

I'm excited for the new teaching opportunities that are headed my way. I'm excited about my new blog and the fact it'll be more focused than this one has been. (stay tuned for more details)

I'm excited that I have no idea what each day will bring and the opportunities each day presents in being radically different from the yesterday and ultimately dream how they can be Kingdom altering.

I say its comfy--but really its peaceful. There are many questions but none of them matter because the peace that passes my understanding is guarding my heart and my mind.

Maybe I should say "Peace is Comfy"

Yeah, I think that's it.

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