August 18, 2010

It's Raining

The dark sky has opened and is unleashing an enormous amount of liquid onto the unsuspecting people sitting outside at this coffeehouse.

Traffic now slows and horns are honking, umbrellas are out and people are scurrying. We are an impatient people, are we not?

Every time I see it rain, the song lyric "Let it rain, Lord we're waiting for Your rain to fall" pops into my head. It's an early 90's Newsboys song which just goes to show that music is powerful.

Anyway, I digress--back to the rain.

On my good days--there is nothing I want more than for the Lord to rain down all that He has for me. Good or "bad', difficult or easy...I just want what He wants for me.

On my good days--I am able to know that He is moving and I take the appropriate steps to become drenched in the rain.

On my bad days--I honk my car horn, I run to get out of the rain, I complain about my circumstances.

Here's to more good days, than bad.

Even so--Come Lord Jesus. Come.

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