September 15, 2010

Oh, the Irony

I'm out this morning trying complete day 2 of week 4 in my Couch to 10K training program. This morning it was kicking my butt. I'm a sweaty, hot mess running in public. Loverly, really.

So, I'm running listening to my headphones, contemplating the teaching I'll be giving next week which is about how our significance is found in Jesus Christ, when a skinny-mini runs by all happy, looking cute in her running clothes (that actually match) and I feel myself slipping into the "If I looked like that then _________" thought pattern.

As I look down to see how much longer I actually have to be running I hear the words and music that are playing in my ears. It's Mandsia's "True Beauty"...and its not about Sex in the City, its about purity and true beauty.

It was in that moment I recognized how Satan had come to steal the true thoughts of my worth in Christ via a skinny-mini in matching running clothes. Well, this hot mess isn't going to let him. "It is in Christ I find out who I am and what I am living for." Eph 1:11 (Msg)


Faith said...

I was thinking about the same thing as I was walking last night with this belly of mine growing bigger and bigger...tempted to worry about how long after the baby is born will it take to get "my body back"...thanks for the reminder of our worth in Christ alone! Can't wait for next weekend to hear all that Christ has to share thru you!

Anonymous said...

Boo-ya Satan -- Way to tell Satan to SHUT UP!! When you are pleasing to God, sin (satans distracting thoughts)loses it's power. And God is pleased by your faith (Heb 11:6) Love ya - MOM

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