September 13, 2010


Has anyone else noticed the butterflies? They are everywhere! They've changed from caterpillar's to butterflies. They've become what they were created to be and now they are flying.

Today I also noticed a lot of elderly people wherever I went. Whether it was at the chiropractor, Wal-Mart or the gym they were there, seasoned with life that has been lived. I got to thinking about how much they have seen in their lifetime. Did their mind ever conceive of the idea that photos would be digital? Did they ever think that their Gen-Y grandchildren would have trouble communicating in over 140 characters? Did they think we'd have come "this" far?

Yesterday the pastor of Strong Tower Bible Church made a statement about how he did not know all that God had planned for him when he said "yes" to God. He did not know he'd be speaking across the country, pastoring a church, teaching NFL players. He just said Yes.

Catterpillar's may not know what being a butterfly is like when they are a caterpillar. The elderly may not have imagined all of the technology we have now. And we will never know how far God will bring us when we say yes to Him.

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