April 25, 2005


So...the 1/2 marathon is SATURDAY! CRAZY! I walked 4 miles this morning and 4 more on Wednesday then 13.1 on Saturday morning! woo-hoo. It's carbo-load week, let me tell you.

This weekend was SO fun. Friday we celebrated Reagan's birthday..which is today. I need to call him.

Saturday I walked in the morning, then Mary and I were celebrating her birthday by going to the Fernando Ortega/Bebo Norman/Sara Groves concert. We got to sit front row! woo-hoo! It was a GREAT concert. All three are fairly funny people...and great song writers. I loved Fernando's voice. After the concert we went to Krystal's going away party. She's leaving for Oregon today or tomorrow...she wasn't sure yet. I pray she's able to see God's continued faithfulness to her.

I pulled a muscle in my quad yesterday playing softball. We won..and I actually got on base...that was fun. Jeremy hit a triple just after me...but his strides are HUGE (he's 6'4") and I had to run like a fool just to stay in front of him. It had to look funny! It's better today which is good because of the walking thing.

Enough of my rambling...

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jillymae said...

that is hilarious! i know how huge Jeremy's strides are, i've had to run in front of him before :D glad you got on base, good job chica!