December 19, 2006

Christmas Party Time! for those of you concerned...I'm doing much better. Understanding why I'm just now begining the struggle has been very freeing...:)

Sunday night I went to Awaken's Christmas party. It was FAN-TABULOUS! God has brought together a very unique group of people that is fairly fluid and changing and I absolutely adore it. I am amazed every Sunday when we gather and my heart overflows throughout the week when I think about it. YAY!

Last night was the Office Christmas Party. It was fun...we ate and talked. The 6 of us got our office picture taken, which will get framed in early January. Michael thought his sweater was too kind of was. :) It was fun to see every enjoying themselves, and good to see couples who still liked each other. YAY again.

I cannot wait for Friday. I leave to visit the family for a weekish or so. I'm still praying it's a white Christmas.

some awaken peeps


the other b.r.e. graduate said...

So you driving through Ohio??? =-]

Nice card, btw. Thanks!

Heather said...

i will be driving through OH...however, not by myself...and not in my car :(

The Gyrovague said...

IF you want a white Christmas come to Colorado. I got the day off due to the snow, and we are looking at least through Friday.

I go home to Durango Friday, and I hope for good roads.

Ohh there is no place like home.

(insert photo of your favorite ruby slippers here)

jillymae said...

I'd be happy with a COLD Christmas!!! South Alabama never delivers :( 70 degree weather, here I come :P but...I DO get to wear sandals! (my fav) whoo hoo :D