December 16, 2006 I continue to share the struggle and continue to realize that it isn't uncommon and that I am apparently more frustrated than the rest of humanity about it, I realized something.

The reason this is a "newer" frustration to me is because I was doing what I wanted to do w/ the rest of my life and now I'm not. Apparently, I haven't dealt with that yet...


The Gyrovague said...

Not to sound all therapy and chocolate oriented, but have you talked to a counselor?

I will be honest, I never thought I would, but it helps.

Keep hanging in there my blogging buddy!

The Gyrovague said...

Got your email and careful not to write to the one you did. Your eml went to the whole gang who subscribe to that writing.

You can always reach me at


Anonymous said...

i still luv u!
and u make a great 1st face to see @ your office.
(hehe guess who it is!)