September 21, 2007

It is 3:05pm

on my birthday. So far today has been VERY entertaining!

  • I talked to mom (whose birthday is also today). I helped her w/ her first ATM deposit.
  • Then Christina and I went to Alpine for breakfast. I tried the Rootin' Tootin' Sandwhich. VERY yummy, and I got good coffee.
    After that there were a myriad of birthday e-cards, emails and myspace messages. It's fun to see who remembers and when and all that jazz.
  • Jill dropped off my birthday a jello mold ala Office style. :)
  • My co-worker Rachel took me to Bricks Cafe for lunch. Not only was the food A-mazing, but the waiter was too! I have a huge crush on him...I see him around town every now and again...whadda do?
  • More birthday phone calls, Cousin Chris and my dad.
  • Jill came by AGAIN with a singing card, and we danced in the office and another present
  • The fellas here at work just went and got me ice cream. :)

So far it's been great! Tonight I've having dinner w/ new and old friends and hopefully bowling! woo-hoo! I know we'll probably all complain about how terrible we are...but i don't care. It'll be fun!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your birthday sounded extremely busy--which is just how you'd like it, I know! :)

Went to our reunion this weekend. I saw one of your classmates...Julie Seeger. Still the same. :(

Laura said...

It sounds like your birthday was so incredibly fun!!! I wish I could have been there! Love ya! Watch your mailbox.