October 01, 2007


You know you've lived a little too long in the south when it's:

a) October 1st and still going to be 85 outside
b) You walk out your front door in short sleeves and say "brrr" because it's actually 60 out.

I don't typically miss the weather in MI...snowy and cold for long periods of time I can typically do without. I do miss it in the fall though! I miss sweater and flip-flops in September and sweatshirts at Friday night football games, the need for hot apple cider, not just the want for it, and the bonfires after the hay ride because its cold and you need to warm up, not just to have there cause you should.

Yes...eventually that will happen here...hopefully before November. Maybe I should spend September and early October in MI every year and then come back down here to finish up and have extra-long autumn. Someday when I'm a writer and don't have to be chained to a desk I will do this.


Anonymous said...

Girl! Don't you know that it's going to be 85 in MI today, too? The big mitten finally got the message that we don't like the cold so early. JK--85 degrees was yesterday....but today will be 70's.

Though I know what you mean about enjoying the fall up here. It's magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Um its 63 here right now! Tue is to be in the 70's....but there is usually still a "bite" to the air this time of year so even the warm days are cool. YES MICHIGAN!(remember those commercials?)
I like the cold! :-)
My most favorite season is here! Happy happy, Joy joy!

Becca W. said...

It's been pretty warm up here in the north... course I'm in in MI anyway, but NY is pretty north too. :) It's a beautiful fall. I bought some cider while shopping today. I'm cuddled in warm jammies and just feel that fall coziness right now. :)

Becca W said...

Ok... that's supposed to say I'm NOT in MI. :P It's almost 2 am here... that's my excuse. :P