October 18, 2007

Thursday? Already?

This has been a crazy fast week.
Last weekend I went to Chicago to see Tiffany. We stayed w/ cousin Chris and had a great time! Because it is Tiffany's year with the photo album (we have a photo album that houses' all the pics from our birthday trips) I have limited pics as most of them had to be taken with her camera. But..here is a small recap. (in no particular order)

downtown chi-town...view from atop the double decker bus
The 2300...where we stayed
Cute Tiffany...atop the double decker bus
waiting to ride the train from the 2300
This is Lake Michigan. I found it INCREDIBLE that you can barely see where the sky stops and the water begins.
This has been a crazy fast week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! Looks like Chris lived off of the yellow line. I don't think I ever rode the yellow line of the L when I was there, so he must not live near my bro. Also glad that it wasn't freezing cold last weekend!!!