March 05, 2009


Here’s the deal, I don’t like the feeling of falling. It scares me. It’s why I have zero desire to try downhill skiing and it’s why walking on ice makes me nervous and why I’m very tentative if ever on roller skates/blades. Although “trust falls”, I’m totally fine with. Again, my complicated self rears its ugly head. J

So although my head knows there is no more secure place than falling into faith, the actual process of falling, not so comfortable.

Falling into faith requires letting go of the illusion of control. And, well, letting go of that can be scary; because if I really do not control anything, do I truly trust the One who does?

Over and over again He proves Himself trustworthy. I have food, shelter, and clothing. Currently all of my bills are able to be paid and I’m surrounded with people who love me. The truth is, God doesn’t have to give me these things. If I did not have anything He would still be trustworthy. He chooses to give. He doesn’t have to. He’s God. He can do whatever He wants. He doesn’t have to give anything, but He does.

Because He does give; falling into faith should not be an abnormal activity in life. It should be the definition of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

As I let go of all the things the world tells me to hold on to, to make myself great, I know that in the letting go, in the falling, it will make God’s moving in my life more evident.

So what about you? I know what God is asking me to let go. And in that letting go--my love of God will not be defined my the efforts, but rather by the worship and trust of my heart.

What is it you need to let go of so you can fall?

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