September 03, 2010

A Confession of Sorts

*The information you are about to read is very blunt and typed without a filter**

I'll admit it. I'm a headline reader. I visit AOL, Yahoo, MSN and read headlines. If they interest me, I'll keep reading. Sometimes I just think they are dumb headlines. I could write them, as could most of the population. However, one did catch my attention today. Its on AOL it says "Stephen Hawking Makes Bold Declaration."
"He recently said 'God did not create the universe"

Ok, I readily admit that I probably should know more about Stephen Hawking. I know he's a physicist, lectures and has a high IQ. Oh, and he thinks God did not create the universe. However, it leads me to this question

Who has given Stephen Hawking the authority to declare whether or not God did or did not create the universe?

Because he is intelligent? That gives him authority?

I'm intelligent and I say that God did create the universe.

That being said, I expect AOL to be writing a story about me and my thoughts. Stay tuned.


newblogreader said...

I know a family member, a niece, and she is a Believer... let's pray for him to opem his heart to the Gospel. There are people who are praying for him to receive Christ as his personal Savior.
Sometimes it is very difficult for people who are very intelligent and who have focused on facts and developed their intellect and not given much time to spiritual things to be open to the Word of God.
He may be surrounded by people who are not good influences for him. Stoking the wrong feelings and using lies and flatteries to mislead him. We can pray that God will send His laborers to him, to tell him the Truth.

newblogreader said...

btw... i enjoy reading your blog... it is very thought provoking and enjoyable and i think of it as a devotional

and this niece, i don't know how distant a relative she is, but she knew stories that make me think that it is no accident that some high profile people find it hard to come to the place of humility where they will admit their need for a Savior
I believe it is a deliberate ploy of the "enemy" to put people in a position where they say things that they really don't mean and then feel they must defend that position.

April said...

Good post, girl. Looking forward to AOL's piece on you. :)

Kristy Berends said...

I read that article too- thought how sad it was that for all the intelligence in the world, he is blinded to the truth. I pray he comes to know his Creator before he meets Him face to face!